Cisco Services Pinball – Tuesday, June 12, 2012 – 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Name Company Name Score
William Jones AT&T Government Solutions 226779500
Mike Tepedino Johnson and Johnson 166989350
Kevin Reeve  Manpower 142668740
Nathan Escovedo Table Mountain Casino 138149370
Ernesto Siapro AT&T Government Solutions 135310090
Ray Ludendorff Radio Free Europe 112216610
Derrick Mitchell The Finish Line 107657560
Travis Wihite Synacor 101784960
Donnie Littlebuck Table Mountain Casino 95590560
Jason Presnell Ford 77965240
Kyle Wacker Vital Support Systems 74786890
Michael Smith Synacor 69504270
John Mentzer IRS 64424060
Sutan Almalki MOI 62188000
Phil Schaefer Build a Bear Workshop 55775480
Darin Sawyer Sirius Computer 52974240
Walter Kosechata Oneick 52466550
Obi Cruz Health Care Partners 48637260
David Paragon LG&E 44725620
Simonall Quitambala Angola NLG 42532510
Steven Briggs Raytheon 36985380
Dennis Gee Century Link 34486420
Justin Bulington Wyle CAS 30927480

@cisco_germany @robertnicola I’ve set myself up here. Where are all the other superstars? CiscoServices is where it is at. #ceberlin