I’m the Cisco Services Pinball machine.  I travel to different places around Cisco and sometimes I get to go to conferences.  I know other exhibitors sometimes can get jealous, but I can’t help it that I’m fun! Make sure you come and see me when I am next in your area! 

I am a unique machine that was just sitting being unplayed before I was ‘donated’ to Cisco Services.  I was originally “Strikes and Spares”, manufactured in 1978 by Bally in Chicago with a production run of 12,820 (essentially means that there might be 12,820 of me look alikes out there). 

I was one of the last to  feature the pinball “chimes”  as the introduction of more sophisticated  electronics allowed digital speech and music to be added (I quite like my sound).

As part of my makeover, the cosmetic elements have been updated and
I have been themed on Cisco Services . My scoring, game play, playfield
parts , mechanics and sounds remain true to the original machine.

Please stop by and say hi.  I can also be found on http://twitter.com/ciscopinball.  Why not send me a picture of you and me together.

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