Cisco Smart Services Pinball – June 12, 2012 – 3:30 to 6:45

Name Company Name Score
Charles Reyes XO Communications 403,233,300
Dennis Kuchenbecker DB Systel GmbH 310,505,690
Brad Davenport NEC Corporation 308,051,950
Heath Deschenes Oakley 276,994,110
Carlos Colon AT&T 193,415,380
Jonathan Madziarczyk City of Evanston 142,367,790
Jeff Siebermann Insight 123,620,970
David Martin Moen Inc. 115,620,720
Frank Specht DB Systel GmbH 107,734,100
Kevin Cook Bolthouse Farms 98,340,380
Gabriel Rosas VCE 92,417,050
Jason Hawkins VAE 80,085,500
Andrew Schaper York 79,349,910
Stephen Holtorf Hormel Foods 63,322,570
Sheng Wang University of British Columbia 57,907,780
Chandan Kochhar American Airlines 57,139,990
Christopher Skulley Platronics 44,406,270
Jay Hickman   43,915,010
Dave Oakman Altrion Networking 35,289,080
Dwayne Glover DLA Transaction Services 33,309,390

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