Leaderboard – Cisco Live US – Monday, June 11, 2012 – Prize at 7:15 p.m.

Name Company Name Score
Dennis Dee Century Link 233713830
Albin Sjoblom Malmo Stad 228339390
Javier Gonzalez  Intesat 225765880
anthony Horn IntelePeer 187355280
John Cosgrove Hershey Medical Cntr 133749950
Andrew Lee SHI 111456050
Tiberiu Ungureanu Ecommerce 102808300
Phillip Balderne Prime Theraputics 92257750
Steve Jordan SHI 83646490
Robert Pausch Volvo IT North America 57278230
Aw Chin Chye IDA 49146000
Huan Ching Lao SHI 47755980
Stephen Be Pong Software House Intl 42566880
Jeff Stewart Valero 42468420
Kevin Reeve Manpower 41278650
Michael Ferguson Jefferson County Colorado 38846180
Yao Chern Hallmark Cards 27403620
Soon Chew Tan IT of Singapore 22520599

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